History of Roanoke's Mill Mountain Star

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The Mill Mountain Star, also known as the Roanoke Star, is perhaps the most recognizable symbol of the city of Roanoke, even lending the city the nickname of the "Star City of the South".

Built in 1949, the Mill Mountain Star is the world's largest illuminated freestanding man-made star. It stands 88 feet tall and towers over the city of Roanoke from a base that is 1,045 feet above sea level. The star weighs 10,000 pounds and, thanks to the light from its over 2,000 feet of neon tubing, can be seen from the air at a distance of up to 60 miles.

The Mill Mountain Star was commissioned by the Roanoke Merchants Association who sought to promote the 1949 Christmas shopping season, and was illuminated for the first time during a ceremony featuring then-Mayor A.R. Minton on November 23, 1949. 

Accessible from the Blue Ridge Parkway at Mile Post 120, the Roanoke Star is one of the most photographed objects in the region. The long-range aerial view of the city from the overlook at the star's base is one of the most popular places to photograph the city of Roanoke and its encompassing valley. In addition to the star and overlook, Mill Mountain features hiking trails, a theater, and even a zoo.

The Roanoke Star is illuminated nightly, oftentimes in all white or red, white, and blue. In the past the star's colors have been changed to note tragic events, such as the Virginia Tech massacre of 2007 and the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Due to the widespread appeal of the Mill Mountain Star and the emotional connection it invokes in area residents, the iconic Mill Mountain Star is almost certain to remain a popular area attraction for generations to come.


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