Companion Home Care Joins Host Chris Conner on the Mountain 102.5 FM

Companion Home Care Joins Host Chris Conner on the Mountain 102.5 FM

Across the US, thousands of people are hitting the roads to visit family members for the holidays. These gatherings can be the perfect opportunity for family members to take steps to ensure their older relatives are safe and secure for the winter.

Companion Home Care recently joined host Chris Conner on his show Mountain Mornings, which airs live on Roanoke’s The Mountain 102.5 FM from 6am to 12pm. Companion Home Care was represented by owner Michelle Belton, CDP, CAEd, DCP, and long-time Companion Home Care employee Melissa Anderson, both of Roanoke, VA.

The group discussed ways to keep older family members safe in their homes, including things like checking the smoke detector batteries, as well as some more obscure items that can be vitally important, such as checking for expired food items in the refrigerator.

“Mom will keep that bottle of ranch dressing two years past the expiration date. She might not be able to read the expiration date at this point,” joked Michelle Belton. Belton said she has experienced this issue numerous times during her 20 years in senior home care, especially with seniors who are experiencing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Belton cautioned listeners against taking their older parents’ or relatives’ word for it when it comes to issues around the house.

”Older people are really good at disguising their shortcomings. And us, as older children, can be really good at not noticing. It’s your job to check on that. I had an 88-year old client who shoveled her driveway 3 times in one season, which gave her a broken hip. Sometimes you either need to find someone to help them, or you do it,” said Belton.

Belton and Anderson stressed the importance of helping seniors stay socially and physically active during the Winter and throughout the year.

"There is so much to do at this time of year, and I’m always a big advocate of getting our seniors out to enjoy it. We have several elderly clients that volunteer at the food bank. Others are volunteering at the Red Cross. There’s just so many ways to keep our seniors engaged. I don’t care how old you are, 99 or 100 years old, you still want to feel like you are making a contribution. That’s my mission with Companion Home Care,” said Belton.

After discussing winter safety tips for seniors, the conversation moved on to Michelle Belton’s experience as the owner and founder of Companion Home Care Inc, which has been providing home care to seniors and adults with Alzheimer’s and dementia in the Roanoke area since 2004.

When asked about the secret to her success in business, Belton responded, “I have the best staff in Roanoke, this whole area. We just went through a recent hiring period where we received over 1,400 applicants. Of those 1,400 people, I only hired 12.”

Mountain Mornings host Chris Conner at the Mountain 102.5 studio in Roanoke, VA

Mountain Mornings host Chris Conner at the Mountain 102.5 studio in Roanoke, VA

About Companion Home Care Inc: 

Companion Home Care is a senior home health care, adults with disabilities care, and hospice care provider in Roanoke, VA. Our motto is to provide a "better class of companion for a better quality of life". We accomplish this by hiring the best, most qualified caregivers, and using our knowledge and experience to craft a personalized home care plan for our clients, then match clients with the perfect caregiver based on client needs, personality, and skills required.

Our caregivers help seniors age gracefully, cope with Alzheimer's, dementia, and illnesses, and enjoy healthy and happy lives from the comfort of their own homes. In addition to senior home health care, we also provide Roanoke home care for adults and children with disabilities, traumatic brain injury and diseases, physical injuries, and special needs in Roanoke, Salem, Vinton, Christiansburg, Blacksburg, Smith Mountain Lake, Moneta, Bedford, and surrounding areas of southwest Virginia.

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