San Diego Memory Care Forum 2017

Companion Home Care owner Michelle Belton recently attended the Memory Care Forum 2017 presented by the Institute for the Advancement of Senior Care in San Diego, CA. The annual, 2-day event is a comprehensive conference on the latest advances in memory care research and treatment that is geared toward leaders in the health care industry.

"Continuing education is important in our field. Attending a conference like this is a great way to learn the most cutting edge information and new research in Alzheimer’s and dementia care," said Belton.

One of Belton's favorite speakers was Joshua Freitas, M.Ed, CADDCT, CAEd, Vice President of Program Development with CERTUS Senior Management, LLC, and author of "The Dementia Concept". Freitas led hands-on group demonstrations at the conference that simulate different aspects of living with Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

"For example, we put on thick wool gloves to simulate what a client with dementia feels when they begin to lose sensitivity in their hands. Then Josh had our group put on tinted goggles covered with splatters of paint to simulate what it is like for people with cataracts, and ear phones that completely cover the ears to simulate living with deafness. Josh did an excellent job of reminding the attendees that a diagnosis of dementia should not be considered the end of one's life, but rather a new stage in life that requires a different approach," said Belton.

Another notable speaker at the conference was Denise Scruggs, ADC, CDP, CADDCT, and director of the Beard Center on Aging at Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, VA. Belton has taken multiple classes in the past taught by Scruggs, who is an expert in dementia care practices. Ms. Scruggs led an engaging discussion on family dynamics while coping with dementia.

In addition to the diverse array of speakers, the conference also featured product demonstrations like senior-friendly dining ware by Jamber ( Jamber has re-engineered everyday dining ware into versions that are easier for people with limited mobility to use, such as a coffee cup with a handle that is designed to be used from an anatomically neutral hand position. 

Belton said she was very pleased with the Memory Care Forum and the quality of the speakers and demonstrations.

"I returned to Roanoke excited to share this new information with my staff, excited to utilize new ideas and methods in caring for our clients, and with a renewed sense of positivity regarding advancements in memory care," said Belton.

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